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Factors Affecting the Sale of your Property

You have decided to proceed with the sale of your property, which is a significant investment for the future of the seller or buyer.

Our home or business premises are the places where, literally, we spend our entire day. Not every property is ready for immediate marketing. There are certain factors that affect its immediate disposition and determine the amount of money and time it will sell for.

The seller can take the appropriate actions, taking into consideration and being fully aware of the following:

Property: its type and use.

The type of property is the Alpha and Omega of the deal. The demand as well as the requirements of the property, vary and must be adjusted according to the wishes of the buying public. For example, if it is a residential zone, the criteria are quite different from a commercial property.

Location and distances.

Location can add goodwill to the property. It is a negotiating advantage for closing a deal with buyers.

Quality of life, is largely determined by a neighborhood. Parking, market, public transportation stops, schools, etc., are some of the elements that determine a buyer's decision.

The same is true for commercial spaces. When an office is located in a highly accessible, central location, it contributes to the success of the business in question.

Functional characteristics and property condition

By functional, or practical, features we mean the layout and functionality of a property. For example, the type of heating, the spatial distribution of the living room and kitchen, etc.

The condition of the property we have put on the market has a decisive influence on whether we get a good (or not) deal.
Does the property need renovation or not? A refurbished property is one of the safest options for buyers and gains in value. It is more likely to sell as the changes required to make it functional are zero to minimal.

Is it in need of minor repairs and additions? There are some very small, but overly important items that give the property a non-negotiable value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

It's all a matter of Marketing.

It's all about marketing. In the age of promotion, image is paramount, whether we're talking about real estate or products.

To highlight and fully promote the property you should go for the solution of a professional photography and consequently working with a real estate agency. Professionals in the field know very well how to "sell" anything to do with real estate.

"How much?"

Pricing is the yeast that ties all of the above together. The services of a professional real estate agent are deemed essential to balance the price of the property, after professional market research.

Specifically, a professional, by taking into account all the above mentioned elements, can arrive at the most advantageous and representative price.

At our office you can express any concern or question and together we can work together to achieve the maximum, desired, results.

  • 06 March 2023
Athens Living